Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply to Stir Scholarship?

Any young women in Columbus, OH graduating from high school and looking to pursue a degree in Software Development, Computer Science, etc. is eligible.

How do I apply for the scholarship?

To apply, click the “Apply” button on the top right. Alternatively, you can also click here

When is the application deadline?

The last day you can submit your application is February 29, 2020.

How do I become a partner?

In short, we can’t change the IT industry without partners. If your organization is interested in partnering with us to foster gender diversity within the IT community, please reach out. We are happy to discuss different style of partnerships. Join us!

Can I apply if I have not chosen my college yet?

Yes, you can apply to this scholarship if you have not chosen your college yet! Once you have decided on a school, the scholarship will go directly to that school.

I am not a traditional student. Can I still qualify?

Yes, this scholarship is open for young women who are expected to graduate from the 12th grade in the upcoming year. This includes graduating from an online school and home schooling.

How will I know if I have been awarded the scholarship?

An email? letter? will be sent to you by the end of January? informing you that you are a finalist. The winner will then be acknowledged at an awards ceremony.

Does the scholarship go directly to the school?

Yes, the scholarship will be sent directly to the school that the winner is planning on attending.

How will the finalists be selected?

When the applicants apply, the board members of the Stir Scholarship foundation will review and evaluate all applications and will determine the finalists based off what is submitted on the application.