Stir Scholarship

As an organization, Stir Trek has always believed that diversity is key to creating a more innovative and effective technology industry. We actively seek to increase the diversity of our attendees, speakers, and sponsors, and continually look for new ways to support underrepresented people in technology. We know that one way to increase diversity is to encourage more girls and women to become involved in technology. 

We are pleased to announce that Stir Trek is partnering with the newly-created Stir Scholarship program! Stir Scholarship’s founding purpose is to foster gender diversity within the IT profession. To help achieve this goal, we’re offering renewable college scholarships to young women in Central Ohio who wish to pursue degrees in software technology. 

Stir Trek Founder Jeff Blankenburg has this to say of the program: 

“My daughter has been the only female in both of her high school computer science classes. Teachers have even asked her if she’s in the right classroom. As an industry, we can do better. We have to do better. Diversity across genders, orientations, and races makes software (and its industry) more accessible. It is my hope that this scholarship can help make a small nudge in the right direction.”

High school seniors can apply for the scholarship by submitting an essay on our website that answers the question “How will you change the world with technology?”. We will announce the recipients in the Spring of 2020. Organizations, teachers, and schools who want to learn more about can contact Stir Scholarship President Cassandra Faris at

The scholarships are funded by business partners and individuals who wish to support our mission. Individuals may donate via our GoFundMe campaign. Companies who are interested in sponsoring the scholarship should contact Stir Scholarship Founder and CEO, Rick Kierner at directly. 

We are excited to help make the tech industry more diverse. We hope you’ll join us to spread the word and make the program a success! 

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